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Hybrid encrypts and decrypts files for storage on your computer
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Hybrid encrypts and decrypts files for storage on your computer. It uses the well known Blowfish encryption algorithm with 448 bit encryption. Hybrid offers an easy to use interface with drag and drop support and also integrates into the Windows Explorer right click menu for fast and easy access. You can add single or multiple files and include directories with their subdirectories all with a few mouse clicks. When you are in need of added privacy, Hybrid can conceal the original file names of the encrypted files. These file names are randomly generated - leaving no one with any idea what the original files were.

You can email files and keep your secret keys in order by using the Hybrid Key manager which provides a program integrated key management system. Virtual keypad (VPad) allows you to leave your keyboard alone and use your mouse only, giving you even more security in different and possibly unknown computer systems. The Hybrid Key generator generates completely random keys with a simple to use interface allowing you to define the structure of the generated keys. Last but not least, Hybrid allows you to create self-decrypting (SFX) Hybrid archives that can be opened by users who do not have Hybrid installed.


- Strong 448 bit encryption
- Create self-decrypting Hybrid archives
- Built-in key management
- Conceal original file names
- Advanced key generator
- Support for mouse only use
- Email files
- Complies with the U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22-M standard for cleaning and sanitizing
- Drag and drop support
- Decrypt files directly from CD-ROM
- Support for include directories
- Real-time progress indication
- Integrated with the Windows shell.

Fully working evaluation version.

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